Nikki’s Why

Sarah and I have been close friends since the night we met (of all places) Christmas caroling back in high school. We were/are the coolest.

We are so different, but I think we compliment each other well! I am obsessive, a little anxious, and a lot extroverted, and she is cool, calm, and collected, introspective, fun and chill. We work. We both married great guys around the same time, we popped out some super cute kids around the same time (who are now all buddies), and now we even live in the same city!

Outwardly, we look just about as opposite as we possibly could. Cue cute/old picture from my wedding:


What you can’t see here is that Sarah is basically on her knees because she’s a long, lean, beautiful blond white girl with killer legs to forever, and a fun, fashion forward style. I, on the other hand, am a not-tall-not-short, curvy Asian chick with dark hair, a comfort-is-priority style, and quite possibly the biggest cheeks in the world. I’ve written all of this to come to this point: until last month, and though we have been close friends for over 18 years, I hadn’t gone clothes shopping with my BFF in probably 10 years. Sure our styles are a little different, but the main reason is that most stores/brands just don’t carry both of our sizes.

Oh! But, my friends, LulaRoe is not most brands.

When Sarah approached me over two years ago about these awesome clothes she’d gotten and was thinking about selling, I thought there was no way they’d have my size and thought a non-sarcastic but slightly jealous “good for you” to myself. Fast forward to last month when I was invited to my first LulaRoe party. There I saw that there were “normal” sizes AND 2XL and 3XL and “Tall and Curvy” sizes in clothes that are super comfy and super cute, and my mind went straight to: Sarah was right! Finally, we can shop together! And we could sell this together!

It took me two years for my mind to catch up to my obviously brilliant and beautiful friend’s idea, but I’m here now and I’m ready! And we are excited to work with friends of all sizes!



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