The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait…In the Queue

The Queue LuLaRoe.png

I am constantly telling my yougins that they need to “be…” and they will respond with a whiney, sullen-voiced (sadface) “…patient.” However, as an independent adult in 2016, I feel like I rarely have to wait an extended period of time for anything.  I can have instant communication with anyone I know, I can have two day shipping on almost anything in the world, and I have access to most information at the tap of my thumb. Working in Higher Education, even the FAFSA processes in 3 days now, which is just crazy business. What little virtue of patience I had back in the 2000s has dwindled with my wait-times.

And then again, LulaRoe walks into my life. *sigh, she’s pretty* More on that later. Currently, when one decides to sign up to enter the life of a LulaRoe Independent Consultant, the excitement and anticipation of such a big decision is met with… a waiting period. A 2-3 month waiting period. (Jaw Drop, I know!)

Two to three whole months. That is almost the same amount of time, by the way, that I was given in which to acclimate my newborn children to being alive on non-paid maternity leave! Though I have feels about maternity leave, we’ll leave that for now and concentrate on my building excitement and anxiety about becoming a LulaRoe Consultant. How could I possibly handle waiting 2-3 months?!

So what have I (we) done with my waiting period? Like to hear it? Here it go:

  1. I got crazy excited about taking on a business with my best friend, and I spent more time with her.
  2. I felt incredibly confident and excited. I figured out why I wanted to take this on, I visualized what I wanted to achieve with LulaRoe, and I pictured how beautiful my closet was going to be!
  3. I doubted myself- over and over and over again. I questioned whether or not I was pretty enough or stylish enough to make other women feel pretty and stylish. I questioned whether or not I had the skills to pull off a full-time job and a side biz.
  4. I overcame all of those doubts and questions because I have a fabulous partner who makes me feel like we could do anything together, and I am a BAMF BOSS.
  5. I have organized. I have organized my money. I have organized my home and storage spaces for my future beautiful inventory. I have organized my contacts and my social media. I organized all documents, tracking systems (like a mileage and a receipt tracker) that I could.
  6. I created. I created a Facebook business page, a Pinterest Account, an Instagram, and a Blog dedicated to my love of LulaRoe and my walk as a consultant.
  7. I researched. I researched the brand, and the clothing. I watched other consultants post pictures of their styles so that I could learn to recognize the beautiful cuts and some of the patterns.
  8. I shadowed. I shadowed a new consultant in my local area and helped her at her first in-home party. That night I learned how to set-up, process in Audrey, sell, graciously limit time, and tear down a pop-up. Invaluable experience.
  9. I listened and watched. I payed attention to the Facebook support groups for other consultants. I listened, watched, and participated in training calls through the home office, my upline, and my sponsor.  I read about what problems and questions they were having, I learned about strategy for making the best of my time as a Queueby and as a consultant. I watched fabulous videos and tips posted by other consultants and trainers on what to do in certain situations and how to approach the business.
  10. I make connections. I connected with people through Facebook and then when I felt brave enough, I connected with people in person. I’ve reconnected with people I haven’t talked with in years. I really am excited about it, so I incorporate it into so much of my life now. I made lists of connections and contacts and started reaching out to people individually about setting up parties, coming to our launch, and being a part of this fun- I happily connect with so many more people now.
  11. I am loving. I love and appreciate my friend for convincing me to take this jump, I love and appreciate my husband for supporting me, I love and appreciate the time I have now with my littles. I love setting aside time in our calendar for us to have just for our family after my OnBoarding. I love feeling the excitement of being a part of something that helps women feel empowered and beautiful while also not encouraging competition. I love wearing my LulaRoe clothes and telling people about what I’m doing when they comment on my skirt or dress. I love the waiting because it is going to make opening those sweet, beautiful boxes of clothes that much more exciting and rewarding when our time arrives!


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