8 Steps to Successful LulaRoe Onboarding

If you’re considering starting your own business by becoming an Independent LulaRoe Consultant, kudos to you for thinking about taking action to change your life and the lives of those around you. I am not a financial expert, but my teammates and I have been through the same questions and have the answers to help you make the informed decision that is best for you.  All of the information stated in this packet is from my own experience, and not in any way directly from the LulaRoe Company.


 In signing up to “onboard” as an independent consultant with LulaRoe, you are essentially putting your application in to purchasing your initial inventory.

  1. Find yourself an aces sponsor. You should want a sponsor who is smart, reliable, professional, and generous. You should also want your sponsor to have some kind of experience managing a team.
  2. Read the required documents. Currently, in the Onaboarding application link under Terms and Conditions, every applicant is required to read the Application & Agreement, Policies & Procedures, Leadership Bonus Plan, and the Applicant Queue Guidelines.
  3. Create a LulaRoe Email address that follows and meets the guidelines in the Policies and Procedures.
  4. Open a bank account strictly for your business.
  5. Create a Facebook group that follows the Policies and Procedures. (you can wait to invite people until you’re a little further in the queue)
  6. Create any other social media accounts you want for your business making sure, again, that they call follow the guidelines of the company. Ideas: Twitter, snapchat, Instagram, Periscope
  7. Wait busily in the Queue. Everyone who reads the required documentation and then completes the application to become a LLR Independent Consultant has a wait period. This wait period fluctuates between 2-3 months.
    • organize your life as much as possible
    • purchase items that will be needed to launch your business (more on this to come).
    • research through Facebook groups (your sponsor should add you to) by watching trainings, discussions, and events. You’ll also be added to groups of other ladies waiting in the Queue at the same time; often these groups become planning groups for Loops (ways to grow larger Facebook groups) and joint events.
    • plan your inventory stock strategy and plan your initial Onboarding purchase. 
    • figure out what your brand will be within the LulaRoe Company. 
  8. Once your name comes to the top of queue, you will get a phone call from LLR. During this phone call, they will ask if you still wish to be fully Onboarded, and then they will take your order for your initial Onboard Package; there is absolutely no binding commitment to LulaRoe prior to submitting this Onboard order, and if you need more time when you get the call, you can ask for a later call-back. The options for Onboarding do change periodically. Currently, the options are listed in the graphic below. 

If you have specific questions regarding being coming a LulaRoe Consultant, or are in need of advice or a sponsor, please contact us here at LulaRoe.Nikki.Sarah@gmail.com or complete the application here: https://join.mylularoe.com/nikkisarah/join.

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